Property valuations and valuation surveyors

Property Valuations & Valuation Surveyors – Guide for Property Investors

The various activities that are required during the course of your average property investment or real estate development can be complex and involved. The diverse range of skills and experience required typically come from a team of professional and financial advisors including surveyors, property agents, financiers, lawyers and other professionals, including property valuers and chartered valuation surveyors.

Property investment and development are complicated areas, and ones in which the advice of professional advisors is often invaluable if you are to avoid making serious and costly mistakes.

There are a range of specialist disciplines that cover many different property, legal and financial subjects that any aspiring property investor or developer should be aware of, even if you choose not to call on their expertise.

In this short article we consider the role of the property valuer or chartered valuation surveyor.

Property Valuations & Valuers

During a property acquisition a property valuer or valuation surveyor would normally by employed by the finance provider or mortgage lender.

The valuer will assess the value of the land, development site or property on behalf of the lender to ensure that it is worth at least what the finance provider is prepared to lend against it.

This is so that if the borrower at some point in time defaults on the loan repayments and the property is repossessed by the lender, they will be able to sell the property and recover the amount of the loan provided.

Qualified chartered valuation surveyors are often used to carry out such property valuations.

Finding a Chartered Valuation Surveyor

There are many professional valuation surveyors from which to choose, so finding one should not be too difficult.

However, never simply select the first name that you come across.

Further details of chartered valuation surveyors can be found by visiting the website of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, RICS… here →

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