Annual Sinking Fund

Annual sinking fund is a calculation of the annual sum required to be invested to amount to £1 in a specified number of years.

Calculate the sum which if invested at the end of each year will accumulate at a specified compound interest to £1.

Simply input your:

  • Interest rate in %
  • Term in years
  • Amount £

Income & Capital Growth

Investment Property Partnership specialise in delivering exciting property investment opportunities to clients that offer significant income and capital growth potential. Through our extensive network of property and investment agents, developers, property companies, contractors, LPA receivers and investors we can identify exciting off market opportunities that work to promote our clients wealth objectives... growth


Market Intelligence

Accurate and timely market intelligence is a vital component of any successful investment strategy. Our clients benefit from a property intelligence based approach that incorporates information from our extensive property network, market research, analysis and advanced profiling to maximise returns based on client growth objectives and risk preferences... intelligence

Investment Propety

Investment Property Partnership are independent property and real estate investment specialists focused on delivering income and capital growth opportunities to private individuals, corporate and institutional investors. We work throughout the United Kingdom and internationally and our expertise covers the asset classes of land, commercial, residential and overseas property… property experts

Property Finance

Finance is important for any property investor. However, securing the right funding package is essential if you are to optimise your future investment performance. We partner with specially selected independent financial professionals with expertise in delivering most types of property finance including buy-to-let mortgages, commercial finance, bridging, portfolio and development finance... finance