Architects and building designers

Architects & Building Designers for Construction & Development Projects

Property development, building and construction activities are all complex aspects of property investment, and ones in which the advice and guidance from experienced property and construction professionals, including architects and building designers is often invaluable if you are to avoid making serious and costly mistakes.

This is particularly true where investment projects involve the design, development and construction of new buildings or alterations and refurbishment of existing structures.

There is an extensive range of professional advisors covering many different specialist construction, property, legal and financial areas that any aspiring property investor or real estate developer should be aware of, even if you choose not to call on their expertise.

Architects have trained for seven years, and are skilled in many aspects of building design and construction.

In this short article we consider the role of the architect and building designer in the building and construction process.

Architects… What do they do?

If you are planning a new building, extensive or complex alterations to an existing one, then you should consider employing the services of a qualified architect or building designer experienced in the type of project you are contemplating.

Architects have trained for seven years, and are skilled in many aspects of building design and construction.

An architect will be able to tell you if your building proposals are technically feasible, how to achieve them in the best possible way, and they can also cover other important design issues including how to obtain more light and space, create the optimum layout of the rooms and much more.

Architects and building designers can also help with planning permissions, listed building and other consents.

Architects Fees

Although architects fees are fairly high, they can often add significantly to the success of a building project employing their skills to enhance the visual appearance of the building, optimise the use and functionality of internal and external spaces and more

Architects fees for new-build work can be upwards of 10% of the final cost of the building works, and they can also carry out a project management role if this is required.

Finding Architects & the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Architects must be registered with and are regulated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in the UK.

If you are selecting an architect or building design professional for your building or property development project we would recommend that you consider firms of qualified architects with experience of similar development projects.

The Royal Institute of British Architects website includes a “Find an Architect” facility giving users access to architects, their areas of expertise and locations… RIBA →

Using the RIBA website in this way is an excellent route to finding professionally qualified building designers and we would strongly recommend you review their site.

The RIBA also has an extensive library and resource facility offering many useful publications including details about employing architects and advice for the management of small project.

Expert Property Development Solutions

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