Parry's valuation and investment tables

Parry’s Valuation & Investment Tables for Property Investment Appraisals & Valuations

Richard Parry’s Valuation and Investment Tables were first published in 1913 and they have now become a must-have calculation tool for students, surveyors, property professionals, investors and real estate developers involved in property valuation, development and investment appraisal techniques.

Parry’s valuation and investment tables are used extensively throughout the professional property and real estate investment sectors and form an essential tool that no serious property investor should be without.

What are Parry’s Valuation Tables?

Parry’s valuation and investment tables, often abbreviated to just Parry’s is simply a book that features references, tables and a series of calculations that will help a student, surveyor, property valuation practitioner or investor analyse investments and the detailed numbers behind them.

These valuation and investment tables basically allow valuation professionals, property developers or anyone else interested in property valuation or investment, to compare previous investments and analyse how these historic projects were developed.

Historic Property Investment Analysis

Analysing property investments in this way allows investors to identify factors that need to be taken into account in any proposed investment project.

Historic investment analysis of this nature will also help to reveal what worked well and what did not with individual property investments, and these lessons can be incorporated in to any future investment proposals.

Accounting for Inflation, Interest Rates, Tax, Time & More

So more precisely, why should you want to use Parry’s book of valuation and investment tables?

Firstly, you will be able to see how inflation affects investments over time, and you will also be able to determine what kind of financial climate will be the most beneficial for your particular property investment venture.

Looking at different dates, timings, interest rates and taxes using these valuation and investment tables, you should also be able to determine the best scenarios for maximum profitability.

Using Parry’s to Perform Sensitivity Analysis

Parry’s valuation tables can be used to quickly create multiple desk-top appraisals using different key factors including the investment period, interest rates, tax rates etc.

The ability to run and then review multiple financial scenarios helps property investors to identify the most sensitive factors that impact on the profitability of their investment project.

Parry’s is also widely appreciated for the ease and simplicity at which data can be obtained.

For instance, there is lots of information available to investors that will allow them to determine the facts and figures about particular investment scenarios, but with Parry’s tables, you don’t have to run any complex, number-crunching calculations; all the work has been done for you and is available in a simple tabular format for you to use straight from the book.

A perfect scenario, especially when property valuation and investment analysis is recognised as being time intensive, requiring lots of detailed research and expertise to build the most accurate investment model.

Online Investment Calculators

To assist investors, developers and property professionals in the preparation of property valuations and investment appraisals the experts at Investment Property Partners have created a series of free online finance and property investment calculators that are based on the various formulae used in Parry’s valuation tables.

Our online investment calculators are simple to use and cover many of the most commonly used valuation and investment appraisal tools used by property investors, investment professionals and property developers.

The auto-calculators include annual sinking fund calculations, amount of one pound, present value, years purchase (various scenarios) plus a mortgage calculator.

Online property investment calculators include:


Perform Complex Property Valuation Calculations

Our property investment and valuation calculators allow investors to examine different financial scenarios taking account of several alternative property related project and economic factors such as finance periods, taxation, inflation, time related value of money etc.

Using the relevant calculators and valuation tables provided in Parry’s valuation and investment tables you will be able to factor in things such as inflation and other expected rise and falls, as it will detail more complex equations that bring these factors into the mix.

These calculators allow investors to perform complex investment and property valuation calculations.

However, do not worry if you find you cannot grasp the concepts behind the tables and formulas immediately.

In fact, some commentators suggest that it isn’t really necessary for you to understand how the equations work; as qualified property valuation professionals can help build and interpret the impact of such calculations.

As with most things though, if you put the effort in to try to understand how they work and their significance, the process will be quicker and easier, and will give you greater confidence for the future.

Parry’s valuation and investment tables contains detailed cash flow equations and many other complex formulas, and for any property investors interested in doing well, this essential information should be seen as the way to success.

Expert Property Development Solutions

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